2012 NFL All-Value Offensive Team

2012 NFL All-Value Offensive Team
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2012 NFL All-Value Team

As the 2012 NFL season nears its end, it's time to take a look back and evaluate the steals of the season. In the era of the team salary cap, finding a diamond in the rough player who can output elite production at a low cost can translate into additional wins, and postseason eligibility. 2011 was a classic example of this, as Victor Cruz was a key component to the Giants Super Bowl run at the league minimum value

Our experts have compiled the numbers per major position to determine Spotrac's 2012 All-Value Team. We'll take a look at the offensive roster below.

Offensive All-Value Team
The following players combined statistical production, durability, and value to their team all while earning an above average paycheck.
Russell Wilson (SEA) 2012 Cap Hit: $544,850 Stat Rank
Comp. %64.17
ALFRED MORRIS (WAS) 2012 Cap Hit: $421,000 Stat Rank
Yards 1,613 2
Yards/Game 100.8 2
TDs 13 2
Yards from Scrimmage 1690 6
Wins 10 8
Eric Decker (DEN) 2012 Cap Hit: $673,037 Stat Rank
Games 15 2
Yards 1,064 17
Receptions 85 14
TDs 13 2
Yards/Games 66.5 21
Wins 13 4
Dennis Pitta (BAL) 2012 Cap Hit: $663,667 Stat Rank
Games 16 1
Yards 669 11
Receptions 61 10
TDs 7 7
Yards/Games 41.8 11
Wins 13 4
Blair Walsh (MIN) 2012 Cap Hit: $419,483 Stat Rank
Games 16 1
FG Made 35 1
FG % 92.1 4
PTS 141 4
FG 50+ 10 1
Wins 10 8
Bryan Anger (JAC) 2012 Cap Hit: $555,625 Stat Rank
Games 16 1
Punts 91 2
Yards 4,353 2
Yds/Punt 47.8 7
Long 73 2
Wins 2 31
As usual with these type of evaluations, many of the decisions were difficult - no moreso than the Quarterback position. It's not often that an NFL season contains true "value" at the quarterback position, where dollars quickly build up. The key component factorered in this year is durability, or games played. RGIII may have outperformed Russell Wilson in some statistical categories, but his injuries not only put a dent in the middle of the regular seaeson, it clearly affected the Redsksins' postseason run as well.

Your comments, cheers, and jeers are more than welcome.

Stay tuned for the Defensive All-Value Roster coming soon!

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