The Linsane Value of NBA Point Guards

The Linsane Value of NBA Point Guards
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The Linsane Value of NBA Point Guards

A snapshot of the 2012 signed point guards, in comparison to the Jeremy Lin offer.

One of the most daunting tasks for NBA executives over the past few years is the collective balance of positioning a talented point guard who can distribute, shoot, play defense, and whom possesses the athletic ability to take over a game - while keeping the rest of the elite players on the court satisfied. As the 2012 free agency season begins to settle in, the usual spatter of mid-level talent has been distributed throughout the league. But available point guards have not only become coveted, but handled almost in privacy when it comes to signings, rumors, etc.
2012 Veteran Point Guard Signings
Player Length Value 2012 Salary Rank Age
Steve Nash 3 $27,000,000 9 38
Deron Williams 5 $98,750,000 2 28
Jason Kidd 3 $9,000,000 34 39
It's safe to assume that the role defines the ranking. Nash has a legitimate role on this Lakers team; to facilitate an offense that contains elite scorers. He brings a veteran, saavy game to a great team and will be the starter on day 1. Williams is much in the same and his deal combines a new franchise looking to build around a young superstar. Kidd is quite the opposite, in that his age and his role witht he Knicks hold him back considerably. There's no guarantee that Kidd will be the day 1 featured guard in Madison Square Garden, and a $3 million average salary reflects that.

Which brings us to a story like Jeremy Lin, a point guard who was all but out of the league, stepped into a fill-in role with the Knicks, caught fire and became a sensation. Many have placed the Rockets under house arrest for their 3 year $25.1 million offer for the basically unproven Lin, but let's break down the deal to better speculate:

2012: $5 million
2013: $5.225 million
2014: $14.9 million
Player 2012 Cap Hit
Chris Paul 17,779,457
Deron Williams 17,177,795
Derrick Rose 15,506,632
Kyle Lowry 5,750,000
Jarrett Jack 5,400,000
Evan Turner 5,293,080
This snapshot shows a range of the top three guard salaries, and three guards directly higher than Lin's offered 2012 salary. Viewing the full rankings of 2012 NBA Point Guards shows that Lin would become the #22 ranked point guard in 2012, a more than reasonable slot for a player who brings potential, desire, ability, and marketability to a franchise - especially a new franchise trying to rebuild.

The 2013 outlook remains similar. Lin's $5.2 million contract slots him in the #15 spot for current salaries. The reality of the contract is that Lin will have to earn his way to the colossal $14.9 million salary for 2014. He'll be easily expendable at that point should the Rockets/Knicks feel the price is too high. But speaking in terms of a 2 year outlook, the offer merits the product - a likable, intelligent athlete who will bring butts to the seat, effort and flair to the court, and dollars to the pro shop.