Teague to Pacers, Hill to Jazz, Hawks 12th Overall

Teague to Pacers, Hill to Jazz, Hawks 12th Overall

Two key players have been moved in a three-team trade between the Indiana Pacers, Utah Jazz and Atlanta Hawks in preparation for Thursday night's 2016 NBA Draft. This trade will not be official until July due to a pick being involved.



Indiana receives: Jeff Teague

Utah receives: George Hill

Atlanta receives: 2016, Round 1, 12th pick



Jeff Teague is set to receive $8 million for the 2016 season and has a 10% trade kicker which will now increase his salary to $8.8 million. The $800k from the trade kicker will be the Hawks' responsiblity to pay while the remaining $8 million the Pacers will be required to pay.


George Hill is set to receive $8 million as well for the 2016 season which will be paid by the Jazz. 

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