Sixers Sign Simmons

Sixers Sign Simmons

Ben Simmons, the 1st overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, has officially signed with Philadelphia. His contract will likely be 120% of the desginated NBA Rookie Scale, which will result in a 2 year $12.07 million contract. If Philadelphia exercises both Club Optons his 4 year rookie contract will be a result of 4 year $26.6 million. Simmons is the first player from the 2016 NBA Draft to sign a contract.


Contract Breakdown

2016-17: $5,903,160

2017-18: $6,168,840

2018-19: $6,434,520 (Club Option)

2019-20: $8,113,930 (Club Option)

QO: $10,548,109

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