NBA: NoBody Available

NBA: NoBody Available
NBA: NoBody Available

NBA: NoBody Available

It seems that many big name NBA players are dropping like flies as the season opener approaches. The Spotrac research team has created a list of the big name players with the amount per game teams would pay the players for every game that was missed.

Obvious notable players missing action are Derrick Rose, Dirk Nowitzki, Danny Granger, Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, Amar'e Stoudemire, Manu Ginobili, and John Wall to name a few. Some of the players injuries are causing them to miss substantial games in 2012-13 because of injuries sustained in the shortened, body-grueling season that came after a lockout in which players weren't able to prepare adequetly. Others are sustaining injuries as the pre-season concludes for one reason or another; coulb be the off-season being way to short for professional athletes to heal properly.

The NFL/NFLPA is all about player safety right now. At what point will the NBA/NBPA realize their star players, the faces of the league, are hindering their franchises and the league itself from growing because the league wishes to have as long of a season as possible with little rest to recoup/rehabilitate. It might be time to about shortening the regular season to preserve the players and the game's competitive play.

Injury List
Player Current Salary Salary/Game Status/Return
Avery Bradley, BOS $1,630,800 $19,888 Out indefinitely, shoulder
Derrick Rose, CHI $16,402,552 $200,031 Out indefinitely, knee
Dirk Nowitzki, DAL $20,907,128 $254,964 Mid Nov, knee
Corey Maggette, DET $10,924,138 $133,221 Out indefinitely, Calf
Danny Granger, IND $13,058,606 $159,251 Out indefinitely, Knee
Grant Hill, LAC $1,957,000 $23,865 Out indefinitely, Knee
Chauncey Billups, LAC $4,000,000 $48,780 Early Nov, Achilles
Darrell Arthur, MEM $3,006,217 $36,661 Out indefinitely, Leg
Luc Mbah a Moute, MIL $4,794,192 $58,465 Out indefinitely, Knee
Ricky Rubio, MIN $3,741,120 $45,623 Early Jan, Knee
Kevin Love, MIN $13,668,750 $166,692 Early Dec, Hand
Amar'e Stoudemire, NYK $19,948,799 $243,278 Mid Dec, Knee
Al Harrington, ORL $6,687,400 $81,553 Out indefinitely, Knee
Channing Frye, PHX $6,000,000 $73,170 Out indefinitely, Heart
John Salmons, SAC $8,083,000 $98,573 Out indefinitely, Personal
Manu Ginobili, SAS $14,107,492 $172,042 Out, Back
Raja Bell, UTH $3,480,000 $42,439 Out indefinitely, Personal
John Wall, WAS $5,915,880 $72,144 Late Nov, Knee