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player & transacation team & position date
Colin Kaepernick at Quarterback $61,000,000
Peyton Manning at Quarterback $58,000,000
Tony Romo at Quarterback $55,000,000
Aaron Rodgers at Quarterback $54,000,000
Jay Cutler at Quarterback $54,000,000
J.J. Watt at Defensive End $51,876,000
Sam Bradford Injured Reserve at Quarterback $50,000,000
Calvin Johnson at Wide Receiver $48,750,000
Patrick Peterson at Cornerback $47,368,114
Alex Smith at Quarterback $45,000,000
Matt Ryan at Quarterback $42,000,000
Matthew Stafford at Quarterback $41,500,000
Robert Quinn at Defensive End $41,171,774
Drew Brees at Quarterback $40,000,000
Richard Sherman at Cornerback $40,000,000
Philip Rivers at Quarterback $38,150,000
Adrian Peterson at Running Back $36,000,000
Eli Manning at Quarterback $35,000,000
Tamba Hali at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker $35,000,000
Ben Roethlisberger at Quarterback $33,200,000
Tom Brady at Quarterback $33,000,000
Charles Johnson at Defensive End $32,000,000
Mario Williams at Defensive End $31,400,000
Mike Wallace at Wide Receiver $30,000,000
Joe Flacco at Quarterback $29,000,000

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