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player & transacation team & position date
Aaron Rodgers at Quarterback $22,000,000
Matt Ryan at Quarterback $20,750,000
Joe Flacco at Quarterback $20,100,000
Drew Brees at Quarterback $20,000,000
Peyton Manning at Quarterback $19,200,000
Jay Cutler at Quarterback $18,100,000
Tony Romo at Quarterback $18,000,000
Matthew Stafford at Quarterback $17,666,667
Eli Manning at Quarterback $16,250,000
Calvin Johnson at Wide Receiver $16,207,143
Larry Fitzgerald at Wide Receiver $16,142,857
Mario Williams at Defensive End $16,000,000
Philip Rivers at Quarterback $15,300,000
Ben Roethlisberger at Quarterback $14,664,417
Tom Brady at Quarterback $14,120,000
Adrian Peterson at Running Back $13,714,286
Clay Matthews at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker $13,200,000
Greg Hardy at Defensive End $13,116,000franchise tag
Sam Bradford at Quarterback $13,000,000
Ndamukong Suh at Defensive Tackle $12,700,400
Charles Johnson at Defensive End $12,666,667
Trent Cole at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker $12,131,250
Haloti Ngata at Defensive Tackle $12,131,000
Chris Long at Defensive End $12,050,000
Mike Wallace at Wide Receiver $12,000,000
Wes Welker at Wide Receiver $6,000,000
Anquan Boldin at Wide Receiver $6,000,000
James Casey at Tight End $4,000,000
Steven Jackson at Running Back $4,000,000
Manny Lawson at Outside Linebacker, Linebacker $3,000,000
Clinton McDonald at Defensive Tackle $3,000,000
Nick Folk at Kicker $3,000,000
Jacoby Jones at Wide Receiver $3,000,000

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