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player & transacation team & position date
Kobe Bryant at Shooting Guard $23,500,000
Chris Paul at Point Guard $20,068,563
Rudy Gay at Small Forward $19,317,326
Blake Griffin at Power Forward $17,674,613
David Lee at Power Forward $15,012,000
Jeremy Lin at Point Guard $14,898,938
DeMarcus Cousins at Center $14,746,000
Eric Bledsoe at Point Guard $13,000,000
Andrew Bogut at Center $12,972,973
Andre Iguodala at Shooting Guard, Small Forward $12,289,544
DeAndre Jordan at Center $11,440,123
Stephen Curry at Point Guard $10,629,213
Steve Nash at Point Guard $9,701,000
Jordan Hill at Center $9,000,000
Goran Dragic at Point Guard $7,500,000
Isaiah Thomas at Point Guard $7,238,606
J.J. Redick at Shooting Guard $6,792,500
Carl Landry at Power Forward $6,500,000
Derrick Williams at Power Forward $6,331,404
Jason Thompson at Power Forward $6,037,500
P.J. Tucker at Shooting Guard $5,700,000
Jamal Crawford at Shooting Guard $5,450,000
Spencer Hawes at Center $5,305,000
Shaun Livingston at Point Guard $5,305,000
Nick Young at Shooting Guard $4,994,420

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