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player & transacation team & position date
Kevin Durant at Small Forward $18,995,624
Russell Westbrook at Point Guard $15,719,062
LaMarcus Aldridge at Power Forward $15,256,000
Gordon Hayward at Shooting Guard $14,746,000
Derrick Favors at Power Forward, Center $12,650,000
Serge Ibaka at Power Forward, Center $12,350,000
Nikola Pekovic at Center $12,100,000
Ty Lawson at Point Guard $11,595,506
Nicolas Batum at Small Forward $11,390,500
JaVale McGee at Center $11,250,000
Danilo Gallinari at Small Forward $10,854,850
Thaddeus Young at Small Forward $9,160,869
Kendrick Perkins at Center $9,154,342
Arron Afflalo at Shooting Guard $7,362,500
Kevin Martin at Shooting Guard $6,792,500
Wilson Chandler at Small Forward $6,757,913
Wesley Matthews at Shooting Guard $6,107,640
Enes Kanter at Center $5,694,674
Anthony Bennett at Power Forward $5,563,920
Andrew Wiggins at Shooting Guard $5,510,640
J.J Hickson at Center, Power Forward $5,381,750
Robin Lopez at Center $5,340,229
Chase Budinger at Small Forward $5,000,000
Trevor Booker at Power Forward $5,000,000
Chris Kaman at Center $4,800,000

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