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player & transacation team & position date
Kobe Bryant at Shooting Guard $23,500,000
Dwight Howard at Center $21,436,271
Chris Paul at Point Guard $20,068,563
Rudy Gay at Small Forward $19,317,326
Kevin Durant at Small Forward $18,995,624
Blake Griffin at Power Forward $17,674,613
Zach Randolph at Power Forward $16,500,000
Marc Gasol at Center $15,829,688
Russell Westbrook at Point Guard $15,719,062
Kevin Love at Power Forward $15,719,062
LaMarcus Aldridge at Power Forward $15,256,000
David Lee at Power Forward $15,012,000
Eric Gordon at Shooting Guard $14,898,958
Jeremy Lin at Point Guard $14,898,938
Omer Asik at Center $14,898,938
DeMarcus Cousins at Center $14,746,000
Gordon Hayward at Shooting Guard $14,746,000
Chandler Parsons at Small Forward $14,746,000
James Harden at Shooting Guard $14,728,844
Tyson Chandler at Center $14,596,887
Andrew Bogut at Center $12,972,973
Derrick Favors at Power Forward, Center $12,650,000
Tony Parker at Point Guard $12,500,000
Serge Ibaka at Power Forward, Center $12,350,000
Andre Iguodala at Shooting Guard, Small Forward $12,289,544

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