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player & transacation team & position date
Amar'e Stoudemire at Power Forward, Center $23,410,988
Joe Johnson at Shooting Guard $23,180,790
Carmelo Anthony at Small Forward $22,458,401
Chris Bosh at Center, Power Forward $20,644,400
LeBron James at Small Forward $20,644,400
Deron Williams at Point Guard $19,754,465
Derrick Rose at Point Guard $18,862,876
Paul George at Small Forward $15,925,680
Kevin Love at Power Forward $15,719,063
Brook Lopez at Center $15,719,063
Dwyane Wade at Shooting Guard $15,000,000
Roy Hibbert at Center $14,898,938
John Wall at Point Guard $14,746,000
Al Jefferson at Center $13,500,000
Josh Smith at Small Forward $13,500,000
Nene Hilario at Center, Power Forward $13,000,000
Joakim Noah at Center $12,200,000
Al Horford at Center, Power Forward $12,000,000
Kevin Garnett at Center, Power Forward $12,000,000
David West at Power Forward $12,000,000
Kyle Lowry at Point Guard $12,000,000
Andrea Bargnani at Power Forward, Center $11,500,000
Larry Sanders at Center $11,000,000
Marcin Gortat at Center $10,434,782
Gerald Wallace at Small Forward $10,105,855

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