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player & transacation team & position date
Kobe Bryant at Shooting Guard $30,453,805
Dirk Nowitzki at Power Forward $22,721,381
Amar'e Stoudemire at Power Forward, Center $21,679,893
Joe Johnson at Shooting Guard $21,466,718
Carmelo Anthony at Small Forward $21,388,953
Dwight Howard at Center $20,513,178
Pau Gasol at Power Forward, Center $19,285,850
LeBron James at Small Forward $19,067,500
Chris Bosh at Center, Power Forward $19,067,500
Dwyane Wade at Shooting Guard $18,673,000
Chris Paul at Point Guard $18,668,431
Deron Williams at Point Guard $18,466,130
Zach Randolph at Power Forward $18,238,333
Rudy Gay at Small Forward $17,888,932
Kevin Durant at Small Forward $17,832,627
Derrick Rose at Point Guard $17,632,688
Blake Griffin at Power Forward $16,441,500
Paul Pierce at Small Forward $15,333,334
Carlos Boozer at Power Forward $15,300,000
LaMarcus Aldridge at Power Forward $14,878,000
Marc Gasol at Center $14,860,523
Russell Westbrook at Point Guard $14,693,906
Kevin Love at Power Forward $14,693,906
Brook Lopez at Center $14,693,906
Emeka Okafor at Center $14,487,500

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