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player & transacation team & position date
Ryan Howard at 1st Base $25,000,000
Prince Fielder at 1st Base $24,000,000
Mark Teixeira at 1st Base $23,125,000
Joe Mauer at 1st Base, Designated Hitter $23,000,000
Albert Pujols at 1st Base, Designated Hitter $23,000,000
Miguel Cabrera at 1st Base $22,000,000
Adrian Gonzalez at 1st Base $21,857,142
Mike Napoli at 1st Base, Designated Hitter $16,000,000
Nick Swisher at 1st Base, Right Field $15,000,000
Joey Votto at 1st Base $12,000,000
Adam LaRoche at 1st Base $12,000,000
Chris Davis at 1st Base $10,350,000
Edwin Encarnacion at 1st Base, Designated Hitter $9,000,000
Jose Abreu at 1st Base $8,666,666
Freddie Freeman at 1st Base $5,484,375
Justin Morneau at 1st Base $5,000,000
Brandon Moss at 1st Base, Left Field $4,100,000
Eric Hosmer at 1st Base $3,600,000
Brandon Belt at 1st Base $2,900,000
Garrett Jones at 1st Base $2,750,000
James Loney at 1st Base $2,666,666
Justin Smoak at 1st Base $2,637,500
Paul Konerko at 1st Base, Designated Hitter $2,500,000
Gaby Sanchez at 1st Base $2,300,000
Greg Dobbs at 1st Base $1,700,000

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