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player & transacation team & position date
David Wright at 3rd Base $20,000,000
Adrian Beltre at 3rd Base $17,000,000
Aramis Ramirez at 3rd Base $16,000,000
Ryan Zimmerman at 3rd Base $14,000,000
Martin Prado at 3rd Base, 2nd Base, Left Field $11,000,000
Chase Headley at 3rd Base $10,250,000
Pablo Sandoval at 3rd Base $8,250,000
Evan Longoria at 3rd Base $7,500,000
Juan Uribe at 3rd Base $7,500,000
David Freese at 3rd Base $5,050,000
Alberto Callaspo at 3rd Base, Shortstop $4,875,000
Chris Johnson at 3rd Base, 1st Base $4,750,000
Pedro Alvarez at 3rd Base $4,250,000
Jeff Keppinger at 3rd Base, 2nd Base $4,000,000
Mike Aviles at 3rd Base, Shortstop, 2nd Base $3,500,000
Eric Chavez at 3rd Base, 1st Base $3,500,000
Kelly Johnson at 3rd Base, 1st Base $3,000,000
Trevor Plouffe at 3rd Base, 2nd Base $2,350,000
Mark Reynolds at 3rd Base $2,000,000
Luis Valbuena at 3rd Base $1,710,000
Casey McGehee at 3rd Base $1,100,000
Jack Hannahan at 3rd Base $1,000,000
Chone Figgins at 3rd Base, Left Field $900,000
Donnie Murphy at 3rd Base $825,000
Todd Frazier at 3rd Base $600,000

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