Tyler Sash

Safety Age: 28 Exp: 3 Years
Drafted: Round 6 (#198 overall), 2011 College: Iowa Agent(s): Jack Bechta (JB Sports)
Player Status: Inactive

  • Previous Contracts

    2013-2014 Dead Money

    Year   Base Salary Signing Bonus Workout Bonus Dead Cap Hit
    2013 Player contract details by year $18,513 - - $18,513
    2014 Player contract details by year $18,513 - - $18,513
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  • Fines

    Date Team Category Games Susp. Forfeited Reason
    08/02/2012 Player contract details by year 4 games $109,411 PED
    $4 $109,411
  • Statistics

  • Calculated Market Value

    Market Value

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    • NFL Rank: 0

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    Length Value Avg. Salary
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    Statistical Comparisons

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    Tyler Sash -
    % Change
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    Terms Avg. Salary
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