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Mar 28 2018Jared Watts

Jared Watts, M

Traded to Houston (HOU) from Colorado (COL) for $100k Targeted Allocation Money

Feb 23 2018Sam Vines

Sam Vines, D

Signed a contract with Colorado (COL) - via Homegrown

Feb 8 2018Andrew Dykstra

Andrew Dykstra, GK

Traded to Colorado (COL) from Kansas City (KC) for 2020 2nd round pick

Jan 19 2018Brian Iloski

Brian Iloski, M

Drafted by Colorado (COL): Round 4 (#72overall)

Jan 19 2018Alex Winn

Alex Winn, F

Drafted by Colorado (COL): Round 2 (#25overall)

Jan 19 2018Niki Jackson

Niki Jackson, F

Drafted by Colorado (COL): Round 4 (#73overall)

Dec 21 2017Deklan Wynne

Deklan Wynne, D

Traded to Colorado (COL) from Vancouver (VAN) for $100k Targeted Allocation Money