Michel Garbini Pereira

Forward Exp: 1 Years
  • Current Contract

    Michel Garbini Pereira is currently earning a base salary of $140,000 with the FC Dallas, with a guaranteed salary of $161,500.

    Year   Base Salary Guaranteed Salary
    2013 Contract details by year $60,000 $81,500
    2014 Contract details by year $120,000 $141,500
    2015 Contract details by year $140,000 $161,500
    Sources: MLS contract specifics generally collected from MLS Players Union.
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  • Estimated Career Earnings

    Year Team Salary Signing Bonus Incentive Trade Kicker Total Cash
    2014 Player Cash Earnings - - - - $120,000
    Est. Earnings - - - - $120,000
  • 2015 Player Rankings

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