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3rd Base Age: 41 Exp: 5.006 Years
Drafted: Round 9 (#278 overall), 1998 College: Grand Canyon University
Player Status: Minor
  • Current Contract

    Cody Ransom signed a 1 year / - contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks, including an annual average salary of -. In , Ransom will earn a base salary of , a signing bonus of , a roster bonus of , a signing bonus of , a restructure bonus of , a workout bonus of and a incentive bonus of , while carrying a cap hit of and a dead cap value of .

    Contract: 1 yr(s) / -
    Signing Bonus -
    Average Salary -
    Free Agent: 2016 / UFA
    Year   Age Base Salary Total Salary Adjusted Salary
    2015 Contract details by year 39 - -
    2016 Free Agent Year 40 UFA  
    Sources: MLB contract specifics generally collected from Baseball Prospectus & Rotoworld.

    Previous Contracts

    2013-2013 Dead Money

    Year   Base Salary Dead Cap Hit
    2013 Contract details by year $36,065 $36,065
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  • Estimated Career Earnings

    Year Team Salary Signing Bonus Incentive Total Cash
    2013 Player Cash Earnings $36,065 - - $36,065
    Est. Earnings
    (1 season)
    $36,065 - - $36,065
    * denotes deferred payment


  • Calculated Market Value

    Market Value

    • yrs, $0
    • Avg. Salary: $0
    • MLB Rank: 0
    • 3B Rank: 0

    Previous Contract

    • Free Agent:
    • Avg. Salary: -
    • MLB Rank: 0
    • 3B Rank: 0

    Comparable Players

    We've selected the following players based on their age, contract status, and statistical production to compare Cody Ransom to.

    Player Length Value Avg. Salary Age When Signed
    Averages 0 $0 $0 0

    Base Calculated Value

    After adjusting the above contracts as if signed at Ransom's current age (41), a linear regression is performed, providing us with the following initial value.

    Length Value Avg. Salary
    $0 $0

    Statistical Comparisons

    Now we'll compare our variables and Ransom statistically over the two seasons prior to their signing. In this case we're analyzing:

    Cody Ransom -
    % Change
    Median Prime % Change 0.00%
    Average Prime % Change 0.00%

    Cody Ransom's Calculated Market Value

    After applying our Prime % figures into our base calculated value, we're given two values. The average of these values becomes our current calculated market value.

    Terms Avg. Salary
    years, $0 0