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Player Pos Status From To Age 2014 Cap Hit
WrightShareece Wright CB UFA SD TBD 27 $781,035
MarshallRichard Marshall CB UFA SD TBD 29 $1,166,667
MathewsRyan Mathews RB UFA SD TBD 26 $3,612,000
WigginsKenny Wiggins LT ERFA SD TBD 26 $495,000
HarrisMike Harris LT RFA SD TBD 25 $571,168
HamiltonAdrian Hamilton OLB ERFA SD TBD 26 $420,000
GuyLawrence Guy DE RFA SD TBD 24 $570,000
SmithWillie Smith LT UFA SD TBD 27 $645,000
GilchristMarcus Gilchrist S UFA SD TBD 25 $1,258,600
GachkarAndrew Gachkar ILB UFA SD TBD 25 $656,475
RoseLowell Rose CB ERFA SD TBD 24 $420,000
RoyalEddie Royal WR UFA SD TBD 28 $5,000,000
FlowersBrandon Flowers CB UFA SD TBD 28 $3,250,000
DunlapKing Dunlap LT UFA SD TBD 28 $2,425,000
OhrnbergerRich Ohrnberger G UFA SD TBD 28 $635,000
ConrathMatt Conrath DT RFA SD TBD 25 $572,000
ClaryJeromey Clary G UFA SD TBD 30 $3,300,000
KeiserThomas Keiser OLB UFA SD TBD 25 $645,000
ByrneJacob Byrne TE RFA SD TBD 24 $495,000
ButlerCrezdon Butler CB UFA SD TBD 27 $645,000
AlecxihChas Alecxih DT ERFA SD TBD 25 $420,000
AjirotutuSeji Ajirotutu WR UFA SD TBD 27 $635,000
HardwickNick Hardwick C UFA SD TBD 32 $6,150,000
BrownVincent Brown WR UFA SD TBD 25 $1,577,517
FreeneyDwight Freeney OLB UFA SD TBD 34 $3,843,750

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