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Player Pos Status From To Age 2014 Cap Hit
TateBrandon Tate WR UFA CIN TBD 26 $1,024,000
SmithAlex Smith TE UFA CIN TBD 32 $635,000
SchafferJ.K. Schaffer OLB ERFA CIN TBD 24 $495,000
SanzenbacherDane Sanzenbacher WR UFA CIN TBD 25 $1,200,000
NewmanTerence Newman CB UFA CIN TBD 35 $2,000,000
NugentMike Nugent K UFA CIN TBD 32 $1,400,000
PeermanCedric Peerman RB UFA CIN TBD 27 $1,050,000
NewhouseMarshall Newhouse RT UFA CIN TBD 25 $805,000
MaysTaylor Mays S UFA CIN TBD 26 $795,000
Lewis-HarrisChris Lewis-Harris CB ERFA CIN TBD 25 $495,000
LamurEmmanuel Lamur OLB RFA CIN TBD 25 $495,000
GreshamJermaine Gresham TE UFA CIN TBD 26 $4,832,000
HansenTyler Hansen QB RFA CIN TBD 24 $0
BolingClint Boling G UFA CIN TBD 25 $1,551,362
CampbellJason Campbell QB UFA CIN TBD 32 $1,500,000
BilukidiChristo Bilukidi DT RFA CIN TBD 24 $570,000
MaualugaRey Maualuga OLB UFA CIN TBD 27 $3,828,125

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