The 2013 NFL Worst-Value Offensive Team

Taking one quick look back at the 2013 NFL season that was, we present the worst-valued players at each position. Our “value” ratings (True Value Statistic) are determined by mathemtically combining Pro Football Focus efficiency ratings with the rate at which the player’s cap value compares to others of his position. ¬†Here’s a look at the 2013 Offensive Team:


Eli Manning, New York Giants

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-24.75 $20,850,000 $20,400,000 2016

Eli slightly edged out Texans’ QB Matt Schaub with the lowest value for the 2013 season. He threw 18 TDs, 27 INTs, and was sacked 39 times to combine for a QB Rating of 69.4, all worsts since his 2004 rookie season. His $20.4M cap figure for 2014 ranks #1 on the Giants, and #3 among NFL quarterbacks. A restructured extension is likely in the works in NY.

Running Back

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-55.64 $12,000,000 $10,000,000 2017

Johnson actually posted OK numbers after a miserable start to the 2013 campaign, ended up with 1,422 total yards, 10 TDS, and 42 receptions. His $10 million cap figure for 2014 ranks #1 on the Titans, and #2 among NFL running backs. If he’s not released this offseason, 2014 is likely to be his last in Tennessee, as the Titans can clear $8 million from their 2015 cap by letting him walk.

Wide Receiver

Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-21.94 $9,125,000 $6,325,000 2015

White caught an average of just 4 passes for 54 yards in the 13 games he was active for, finding the endzone just 3 times in 2013. The 32-year-old has just one year remaining on his $43M contract in Atlanta, carrying a $6.325 million cap figure. It’s possible a restructured-extension will be necessary to reduce his 2014 cost

Tight End

Ed Dickson, Baltimore Ravens

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-15.74 $1,323,000 UFA 2014

Dickson was thrown into a much bigger role in 2013 with the injury to Dennis Pitta, and he didn’t exactly cash in on the opportunity. – catching 25 balls for 273 yards and just 1 TD in 13 starts. He’ll be looking for a new team to catch on with in 2014.

Left Tackle

Bradley Sowell, Arizona Cardinals

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-37.96 $480,0000 $570,000 2015R

Sowell took over at left tackle for the bust that was Levi Brown and responded with the worst PFF rating AND the worst TVS rating among any tackle. He’s playing with a minimum, restricted contract ($570k cap figure for 2014) and will most likely be superceded by a free agent signing this offseason (Brandon Albert?).

Left Guard

Lucas Nix, Oakland Raiders

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-44.10 $484,166 $574,168 2015R

Nix’s reign as the starting left guard should be over, with the return of a healthy Tony Bergstrom (or eve better, new blood) to the Raiders O-Line in 2014. The undrafted free agent earned a $12,500 signing bonus in 2012, and is considered a cap casualty this offseason.


Ryan Wendell, New England Patriots

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-16.43 $1,015,000 UFA 2014

While he wasn’t the worst-rated center statistically according to PFF, his $1.015 million cap figure made him the worst-value according to our TVS ratings. His $2.49 million contract has expired in New England, and all signs point to him searching for a new team this offseason.

Right Guard

Davin Joseph, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-16.43 $1,015,000 UFA 2014

Joseph boasts one of the biggest contracts to make this list, currently playing out a 7 year $52.5 million contract in Tampa Bay. He’s the 5th highest average paid guard in the NFL, but found himself 66+ points lower than the best-value guard in Louis Vaaquez (DEN). His $6 million cap figure for 2014 matches his 2013 allocation, and with no remaining dead money could become his last chance.

Right Tackle

Jordan Mills, Chicago Bears

TVS 2013 Cap 2014 Cap Free Agent
-29.32 $446,200 $536,200 2017

Pretty safe to say the rookie campaign for Mills in Chicago didn’t go as planned. While he did start every game for the Bears, he rated out as the 2nd worst tackle in all of football. The 5th round pick in 2013 will most likely get another shot at the starting gig in 2014, and his $536,200 cap figure gives him a chance to turn his value around quickly.

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Article by: Michael Ginnitti

Managing Editor of Spotrac