Super Sunday Financial Facts

With Super Bowl Sunday just days away, we’ll take a unique approach to “breaking down” the final two teams. The following is a “fun fact” analysis of the contracts, salaries, cash, and statuses of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks rosters. We’ll assess the average player, the totals spent, dollars spent to injuries, and players potentially heading to free agency this offseason.

The Averages

USA TodayRussell Wilson highlights a young, inexpensive Seattle Seahawks’ roster.

The average 2013 Seattle Seahawks player is 25.6 years old, has an annual salary of $2.02 million, and holds a 3 year $8 million contract, with an average signing bonus of just $1.65 million.

The average 2013 Denver Broncos player is 27 years old, earns an annual salary of $2.11 million, and holds a 3 year $7.67 million contract.

Here’s a look at how this breaks down by position:

Position Team Age Avg. Yrs Avg. Dollars Avg. Salary
Quarterback SEA 27.5 2.5 $1,918,351 $794,588
DEN 27.7 4.3 $33,908,292 $6,877,073
Running Back SEA 23.8 3.8 $7,934,664 $2,008,416
DEN 23.25 4 $6,259,415 $1,382,614
Wide Receiver SEA 25.43 3.57 $16,229,857 $3,108,744
DEN 28 3.25 $7,816,412 $2,639,722
Tight End SEA 26.5 3.5 $9,774,595 $2,152,711
DEN 27.25 3.5 $5,104,250 $1,622,416
Offensive Line SEA 30.5 3.46 $10,015,266 $2,472,285
DEN 28.1 2.8 $10,201,458 $4,443,993
Defensive Line SEA 26.15 3 $8,698,624 $2,727,204
DEN 26.5 2.9 $4,220,916 $1,361,854
Linebackers SEA 26 3.35 $3,845,859 $1,142,590
DEN 26.6 2.63 $3,866,570 $1,346,163
Secondary SEA 25 3.3 $5,938,139 $1,536,611
DEN 27.5 2.5 $5,636,453 $1,921,893

The Totals

USA TodayPeyton Manning pulled in $25 million in cash in 2013.

The Broncos’ Spending
The Broncos’ spent $134,525,365  in cash (salaries & bonuses) on their 2013 roster, 19% of which went to Peyton Manning’s $25 million. The total sum of all contracts on the 2013 Denver Broncos’ roster is $483,676,656. Their largest contract is Peyton Manning’s $96 million deal, which ranks 10th among all NFL deals.

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The Seahawks’ Spending
The Seahawks’ spent $140,478,631 in cash (salaries & bonuses) on their players in 2013. The total sum of all contracts on the current 2013 Seahawks roster is $512,423,828. Their largest contract, Percy Harvin’s $64.25 million deal, ranks 25th in the NFL, and is 12.6% of the Seahawks’ total contract dollars. His $12 million signing bonus is nearly double any other current “Seahawk”, but ranks just 52nd in the NFL.

The $3,836,702 spent on contracts for active quarterbacks (Russell Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson) is by FAR the lowest amount for any team in the NFL. The total of all seven Seattle linebacker’s contracts is $25.25 million. 31 individual NFL linebackers have a contract greater than this number.

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Item Team Total
2013 Cash Spent SEA $140,478,631
DEN $134,525,365
Total Contracts SEA $512,423,828
DEN $483,676,656
Offensive Contracts SEA $299,272,650
DEN $298,482,188
Defensive Contracts SEA $201,616,178
DEN $158,203,468
Special Team Contracts SEA $11,535,000
DEN $26,991,000

Diamonds in the Rough

USA TodayChris Clemons turned an undrafted free agent signing into a $22 million contract.

Both teams have a substantial amount of players pending free agency this offseason. The Seahawks’ roster contains 23 undrafted free agents, a total of $63,148,756 in contracts – 34% of which comes from DE Chris Clemons’ 3 year $22 million contract.

The Broncos sent 11 players to the reserve/injured list in 2013, tied for 8th most in the NFL. The Seahawks managed to stay relatively healthy, outside of the lingering injuries to Percy Harvin (WR) and yet another long-term injury to Sidney Rice (WR).

Item Team Total
2014 Free Agents SEA 19 (15 unrestricted)
DEN 23 (17 unrestricted)
Undrafted Free Agents SEA 23 (7 starters)
DEN 16 (7 starters)
2013 Injured Reserve SEA $12,197,676 (7 players)
DEN $26,340,115 (11 players)

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