UPDATED: 2014 QB Financial Depth Charts

USATSI_8012815_160074578_lowresEli Manning (NYG) carries the highest cap of any NFL QB for the 2nd straight year.The 2014 NFL season may be just three weeks old, but that hasn’t stopped notable, devastating injuries from piling up across the league. We’ll re-address a previous post comparing starting and backup quarterbacks from each team, evaluating the coinciding salary cap figures for each.

Notable Notes

11 teams have backup quarterbacks with higher cap figures than their starters. Starting QBs have an average cap hit of $8,662,107 in 2014. While backup QBs carry an average cap of just $2,312,544. Teams are carrying an average of $4,230,773 in difference between their starter and backup.

For the second straight year, Eli Manning (NYG) holds the top cap hit of any NFL quarterback. His $20.4M cap figure is $19.83M more than the Austin Davis’ $570,000 cap hit, the lowest of any starting quarterback. In terms of cash, Jay Cutler (CHI) takes in $22.5M this season with his newly-signed extension, while Davis (STL) will bring in just $570,000.

Matt Schaub (OAK) is the league’s highest cap-allocated backup quarterback at $8M. Brandon Weeden (DAL) is currently the backup QB with the lowest cap figure at just $570,000. In terms of cash, Blake Bortles (JAC) leads all backups, reeling in $13,761,680 in 2014.


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Article by: Michael Ginnitti

Managing Editor of Spotrac