Dez Bryant & Demaryius Thomas Contract Facts & Figures


Dez Bryant’s 5 year $70M contract with the Cowboys

Holdout he will not, as the two sides found common ground as the long-term extension deadline approached Wednesday. Dez Bryant receives a contract worth $70 million over 5 years, $14 million per season, $45M guaranteed, all 2nd only to Calvin Johnson. The new deal reduces his 2015 cap figure from $12.823 to $7M, a must for a Cowboys team that has been up against the cap for years.

Guaranteed Money
All of Bryant’s guaranteed money comes within the first three years of the deal, including a $20 million signing bonus, $3 million 2015 salary, and $9 million 2016 salary initially. His $13 million 2017 salary becomes fully guaranteed if he’s still active on the 5th league day of 2016. So in terms of his guaranteed structure, this is actually a 3 year, $45 million contract on paper.

Complete Contract Breakdown
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In terms of cash, Bryant will rake in $16M in 2015, $16M in 2016, then $13M, $12.5M, and $12.5M through 2019. His cap figures range from $7M, $13M, $17M, $16.5M, and $16.5M respectively.

Looking Ahead
The deal sheds a bit of concern onto the Cowboys’ 2016 salary cap, where they already have $145M allocated to 68 players. Assuming a $150M team cap, they’ll have work to do next spring.


Demaryius Thomas’ 5 year $70M contract with the Broncos

Just minutes after the Cowboys locked in Bryant, the Broncos followed suit with their star wideout, matching the 5 year $70M contract, with slightly less overall guarantees. Thomas receives $14 million per season, $43.5 million guaranteed, $35 million of which is locked in initially. The new deal increases his 2015 cap figure slightly, up to $13.2M from $12.823M.

Guaranteed Money
Like Bryant, all of the guarantees stem across the first three seasons of the contract. In Thomas’ case we’re talking about an $11M signing bonus, a $4.5M 2015 salary, a $6.5M 2015 roster bonus, and a $13M 2016 salary – good for $35M initially. His $8.5M salary for 2017 becomes fully guaranteed early in the 2017 league year.

Complete Contract Breakdown
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Thomas will reel in $15M cash in 2015, followed up by $20M in 2016, and $8.5M in 2017. The deal contains a $4M option bonus in 2018, giving the Broncos a softer out after 2017 should they need it, and making this contract a 3 year $43.5M deal on paper. Thomas carries cap figures of $13.2M, $15.2M, $10.7M, $12.7M, and $18.2M over the life of the contract.

Looking Ahead
The $377,000 bump in cap for 2015 was a bit surprising, but still leaves the Broncos with more than $7M in space to work with through August. Denver currently has $142.4M allocated to just 51 players in 2016 though – so they too will be very busy this spring.

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Article by: Michael Ginnitti

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