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Comparing MLB Contracts with Other Sports

With yet another blockbuster deal in the books, Major League Baseball continues its dominance among the other major sports in terms of contract values – and of course, it’s ALL guaranteed. We’ll take a quick look at some of the numbers surrounding these large contracts, including how they compare across the 4 major sports.

Young Money in Professional Sports

Sports contracts not only appear to be getting larger in dollars – but earlier in careers. The recent extension of 22 year old Mike Trout with Los Angeles Angels marked a historic amount of money for a man barely able to order a beer. In lei of this, we’ll take a look at the earliest signing ages for big money extensions across the four major American sports.

2014 USA Olympic Hockey: Financially

The USA Hockey team is made up of 25 NHL veterans, 23 of which have contracts north of $10 million. We’ll take a look at each player’s contract, 2013-14 salary, and free agent status.

Largest Modern Average Annual Contracts

Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw’s 7 year, $215 million contract signing today raised plenty of eyebrows across the sports business world. It goes down as the largest average per year multi-year contract in major american sports history. We’ll take a look at some of the contracts that have come close in recent years.

NHL: Stanley Cup Finals Preview

The 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Finals are set to kickoff with the unexpected Los Angeles King, New Jersey Devils matchup. Spotrac takes a look at how these teams were built, why they succeeded, where they might be headed next, and of course – our prediction.