50 Potential 2014 Cap Casualties (Updated)

USATSI_7509379_160074578_lowresThe second edition of our early offseason cap casualties series contains fifty players being discussed as on the bubble to return to their respective team due to their 2014 cap value.

Notable Points

Some rather large names find themselves on the updated list, due in large part to a great piece from Chris Burke at SI.com. Burke discusses the opportunity for names like Sam Bradford, Terrell Suggs, Chris Johnson, and Kevin Kolb to find themselves on the open market this offseason.

Sam Bradford is easily the biggest question mark, as a season-ending injury in 2013 left a lot of doubt in St. Louis. With $27 million in cash remaining on his contract through 2015, cap figures of $17.61, and $16.58 respectively, and a draft looming with plenty of potential franchise quarterbacks, it’s perfectly possible that the Rams decide to move on.

Like Bradford, Kevin Kolb is returning from a season-ending (freak) injury, and could have an opportunity to compete for the backup spot in Buffalo this offseason. Unfortunately the Bills will most likely move on long before he gets the chance, as a $1 million roster bonus is due to Kolb on March 13th.

Outside of Bradford, Antrel Rolle is probably the name on this list with the smallest chance of actually being released. The 10 year veteran was a Top 10 safety according to Pro Football Focus. But his $9.25 million cap figure for 2014 ranks 4th among safeties. It’s highly likely that the 31 year old accepts a restructure/extension to remain a Giant, and earn some cash up front this offseason.



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Article by: Michael Ginnitti

Managing Editor of Spotrac