2014 NFL Escalators & Incentives

USATSI_7606883_160074578_lowres The following players have earned incentives or escalators in some fashion that have boosted their 2014 salaries. Related: Top 2014 NFL Base Salaries

John Abraham, OLB, Arizona Cardinals
The oldest active linebacker in the NFL increased his 2014 base salary by $375,000, up to $2,875,000. His $3.375 million cap figure for 2014 ranks 27th among outside linebackers.

Carson Palmer. QB, Arizona Cardinals
Added $1 million to his 2014 base salary, now up to $9 million. The incentive is also guaranteed, meaning $3 million of the $9 million is now fully guaranteed in 2014. Palmer carries $7 million in dead money in 2014, and $2 million in 2015, which voids 5 days after the 2014 Super Bowl. His $11 million cap figure ranks 16th among 2014 QBs.

Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Atlanta Falcons
A short-term IR stint in 2013 didn’t keep him from earning a $1.4625,000 playing-time incentive. The escalator ups his 2014 salary to $2,831,250, and his cap-figure to $4,132,500 in 2014 – the final year of his rookie contract.

Jerry Hughes, DE, Buffalo Bills
After earning $2.42M in 2013 ($870k paid by the Bills), Hughes raised his 2014 salary to $3.995 million by eclipsing the 10-sack mark this season. He now owns the 19th highest salary among NFL defensive ends in 2014.

C.J. Spiller, RB, Buffalo Bills
Despite just 10 games started, 1,118 total yards, and 2 toucdowns in 2013, Spiller reached a $1,750,000 escalator for 2014. His salary raises to $3,499,000, and coinciding cap figure to $5,916,916 (10th highest among running backs). He’ll earn nearly $800,000 more than counterpart Fred Jackson, who enters the final year of his contract with the Bills.

Kyle Williams, DT, Buffalo Bills
Earned an additional $150,000 for his Pro Bowl selection, upping his 2014 base salary to $4,350,000 and his cap figure to $6,100,000 (both 9th highest among defensive tackles). The Bills now have $38.8 million in 2014 cap dollars allocated to their defensive line.

Mario Williams, DE, Buffalo Bills
Earned an additional $400,000 for his Pro Bowl selection raising his 2014 salary to just $1,900,000 (35th highest among 2014 defensive ends). But a $10. 6million in combination with additional bonus pro-ration add up to an $18.8 million cap figure (highest defensive end). Williams’ has collected $40.4 million in cash with the Bills since signing his deal in 2012.

Mike Tolbert, FB, Carolina Panthers
A $25,000 Pro Bowl incentives raises his base salary to $2,325,000, and his cap figure to $3,350,000 – 3rd and 2nd respectively among 2014 fullbacks.

Ndamukong Suh, DT, Detroit Lions
While his 2013 sack totals (5.5) were down from 2012 (8.0), Suh increased his tackles and assists total, leading to his 2nd All-Pro and 3rd Pro Bowl selection. He adds $1 million to his 2014 base salary for the Pro Bowl nod, bringing it up to $12,550,000, and his cap figure up to $22,412,500 – second only to Jay Cutler’s ($22.5 million). With a voidable clause for 2015, Suh is heading into a contract year with the Lions, though it’s extremely likely that a restructure/extension is in the works to reduce the 2014 cap hit.

Ryan Mathews, RB, San Diego Chargers
The oft-injured back had a bounce-back season in San Diego (1,444 total yards, 7 touchdowns). Mathews earned a $150,000 escalator for reaching the 1,000 yards mark, and another $350,000 for crossing 1,250 (ended up with 1,255 rushing yards). His 2014 salary jumps to $1,978,250, for a total cap figure of $3,612,000 – 18th among 2014 running backs.

Earl Thomas, S, Seattle Seahawks
Thomas hit incentive marks for snaps & interceptions in 2013, qualifying a $150,000 salary escalator. He also earned $125,000 for his Pro Bowl nod. His 2014 base salary is now $4,625,000, bringing his cap figure up to $6,075,000 – 10th among 2014 safeties.

Kam Chancellor, S, Seattle Seahawks
Earned $100,000 with his Pro Bowl selection in 2013, raising his 2014 salary to $4.725 million, 9th highest among 2014 safeties. His cap hit jumps to $5,825,000, just the 13th highest.

Gerald McCoy, DT, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Trigged a $2.435 million incentive (details unknown) that raised his 2014 salary to $12.732 million (highest among defensive tackles) and his cap figure to $15,627,000 (3rd highest).

Incentive information referenced from various sources (notably NFLPA, Brian Mcintyre)
All statistics referenced from Pro-Football-Reference


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Article by: Michael Ginnitti

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