2014-15 NFL Fine Chart

The NFL handed out over $3 million in on the field fines in the 2013 season. They’ve recently released their official infraction list for the 2014 season, which includes fine types, the cost for a first offense, and the cost for a second offense. All money collected through the fines are donating through the NFL foundation, which helps to assist former NFL players. Note: All fines listed are the minimum amount the NFL can collect for each infraction. Each incident is subject to a review by the league.

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Violation First Offense Second Offense
Fighting $27,562 $55,125
Spearing $22,050 $44,100
Impermissible use of the helmet $22,050 $44,100
Hit on defenseless player $22,050 $44,100
Blindsided block $22,050 $44,100
Horse collar tackle $16,637 $33,075
Leg whip $16,637 $33,075
Roughing the passer $16,637 $33,075
Excessive profanity; unsportsmanlike conduct $11,025 $22,020
Striking/Kicking/Kneeing $8,268 $15,539
Face Mask $8,268 $15,539
Late Hit $8,268 $15,539
Low Block $8,268 $15,539
Chop Block $8,268 $15,539
Taunting $8,268 $15,539
Unnecessarily entering fight area (active involvement) $5,512 $11,025
Football into stands $5,512 $11,025
Unnecessarily entering fight area (no active involvement) $2,756 $8,268

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Article by: Michael Ginnitti

Managing Editor of Spotrac